Personally, I have trouble praying. Sometimes I don’t know what to say and other times I just push it aside. About a month or two ago I came across a passage about prayer and how to pray more efficiently. Some people think that prayer is not something that can be taught and I understand why they think that. But prayer is something you can get better at.

In this passage there were some questions that I struggled to answer and think about. Such as “When you think of prayer do you get happy or bored thoughts?” and “What if Satan wanted you to be confused about prayer?” But as I was thinking…I realized that prayer is a two way conversation with you and the Lord. No one else. And if I was completely honest…sometimes at youth group or at other spiritual events I don’t want to pray out loud because I am worried about what others will think.

Tip #1

Use normal words!!!

God speaks your language. No need to impress. Just be you and talk about anything. Save the big words for your college professor.

Tip #2

Pray all the time!!!

It doesn’t always have to be head bowed and hands crossed praying but you can constantly be talking to God.

Tip #3

If you are anything like me, you know the struggle of when to pray. If you struggle with this then set aside a certain time of the day for prayer.

Tip #4

In Romans 8:26-28 it says “…let the Holy Spirit pray for you.” If you absolutely don”t know what to pray about, clear your mind, sit in silence, and the words will come.

Those four tips come from the “Simple Truth Bible” by Group publishing.

One more tip that might help is to make a “War Room” (like from the movie). This tip helps if you are a write it down kind of person. All you need is a quiet space that you can hang things in. Such as a closet or a reading nook. Just write or draw things and hang them up so in the future you can look back on how God fixed your problems.

Just always remember that prayer is between you and the Lord…no one else.


7 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Hi Claire! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and what God is teaching you about prayer. Excited about your growth. You are also a great blogger. It encourages us to hear about how teenagers like you are benefiting from resources like The Simple Truth Bible. Keep it up, Claire!

    – Amber from the youth ministry team at Group Publishing.


      1. Claire, So glad you like it! Since you’re so awesome, we are sending you a few more books to help you along in your journey. Feel free to blog about their impact on you as well. You are a bright light. Keep shining 🙂


  2. Hey Claire, I’m a fellow Imagoan. 🙂 I’ll have to say hi on Sunday. I wanted to let you know that I love your blog, your honesty and your writing style is very refreshing! Your thoughts on prayer were really encouraging to me, especially #4 was a great reminder that I needed to hear! Keep on blogging sister!


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